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Cathexis Northwest: Poem for Friends, Nothing So Much

Rattle: Poem with a Javelin at the End, Poem for John McCain

Peach Mag: Crush

McNeese Review: Winter Sonnet, Your Failure, Golden Rule of Window Washing

Adroit Journal: The New Life

New Millennium Writings: Like My Father


Breakwater Review: The Basics

GAZEPoem for Los Angeles; The Old Wizard's Funeral; Red-Legged Honeycreeper; Tiny Poem

The Temz Review: Poem with Death as Subject and Interlocutor; Poem for Upright Citizens

Rivet: from tedious to wildly overblown to kind of fun

Paste: I Do Not Like the Sad Horse Show


FugueAgain on the Brink of Nuclear War, Apparently

Conduit: The Particles

Red Wheelbarrow: Of Frogs

The McNeese Review: Quiet Ode; Lines Before an Eclipse

Beloit Poetry Journal: The Cure

Raw Art Review: Tangelos

poems: Welcome
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